Lucy Rhinestone Button Cuff Footless Tights by Levante!

The three rhinestone buttons on each cuff of these solid nylon footless tights are just for show, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sparkle with all their might!

Please see our Sizing Tips on the product page for fit information. If in doubt, Email Us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!


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The rainbow life is a hard life

You have the coolest hair ever.

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Moon Drop skirt

comes in ; white/pink/kon & black

Length:About 49cm
Waist:About 64~75cm
(A measure of flexibility is handed for some elastic waist.)

price ; 17,064 yen

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New clothes~ Ugh my room is hella messy and my dog’s stuff is slowly taking over lol..

Crochet top and shorts from Forever21~ Headband from Wetseal ~ Sandals from Modcloth~ 

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♕ Amara


♕ Amara

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